Internet Service Provider (ISP, IP Transit)
Wholesale ISP for large capacity connections or sizeable deployment across Indonesia and Premium IP Transit offerings for ISPs, Carriers and Content Providers for high-speed, high-quality global Internet connectivity.

  Dedicated Links (Private Leased Circuits, VPN Solutions, Intranet)
Secure, high-quality point-to-point services for organizations requiring bandwidth-specific dedicated connectivity. Available for Domestic & International Circuits through our strong partnership across borders.
  Broadband VSAT services
Dependable Broadband VSAT services for deployment to remote nodes (including off-shore rigs), areas not served by a fiber optic backhaul or to increase network resiliency against terrestrial interruptions.
  Wireline & Wireless Network
Reliable Wireline & Wireless Network connectivity through various mediums (including Fiber Optics and Microwave) for trunk networks, mobile backhauls and Ethernet business services.
  Infrastructure & Information Technology
Infrastructure & IT for organizations looking to save on Capital Expenditures. Services include Co-location, Content Hosting, Helpdesk Systems, Interconnections and Equipment Supplies.
  Managed Services & Outsourcing
Flexible Network/Equipment Management Outsourcing and other value-added services including System Integration, Network Consultancy (Planning, Design & Implementation) and Manpower Supply.